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Blog posts

May MA.  Bangladesh: an X-factor market for social entrepreneurs. Thomson Reuters Foundation.  September, 2016.

May MA, Cash RA. Four behavior change lessons from a low-tech solution.  Rockhealth.  Sept 12, 2016.

Sengupta GP, May MA.  Connecting the dots: creating an inclusive digital ecosystem for Bangladesh.  BRAC blog.  June 28, 2016.

May MA, Tasnuba T.  Social enterprises can innovate, but can they scale? Wise Ed.Review.  May 7, 2016.

Whisson I, May MA. Expecting the unexpected: why digital financial services can be a post-disaster lifeline.  Center for Financial Inclusion. April 11, 2016.

Sarker A, May MA. Scaling social innovation: an art or a science?  BRAC blog. Feb 22, 2016.

Johora FT, May MA. How hard is it to use mobile money as a rural Bangladeshi woman? CGAP.  October 26, 2015.  

May MA. Op-ed response to the haters: why we still need microfinance. Humanosphere. September 15, 2015.

Sengupta GP, May MA. Five ways to get frontline staff excited about mobile money.  Center for Financial Inclusion. September 11, 2015.

May MA.  Six questions for microfinance's biggest "haters".  Next billion. June 23, 2015.

Sengupta GP, May MA. Beyond pilots: 7 innovation ways BRAC will use mobile money to transform system. BRAC blog. June 7 2015.

Misiti A, May MA. Four things that surprised us about using mobile money for school fee payments. BRAC blog. March 5, 2015.

May MA. Customer service at BRAC: empowering women through empowered women. Center for Financial Inclusion. February 26, 2015.

May MA. Mobile money needs the support of grassroots organizations to reach its potential.  BRAC blog.  January 25, 2015.

May MA. Six resolutions for aid workers.  The Guardian.  January 1, 2015. (re-printed from this blog).

May MA. Voices from across South Asia: sharing stories on scaling up what works. BRAC blog.  November 18, 2014.

Rahman T, May MA. Predicting the path to scale. Stanford Social Innovation Review.  July 23, 2014.

Ahmed S, May MA. Mobile money in Bangladesh: shifting from scale to innovation.  Impatient Optimists.  June 18, 2014.

May MA. The challenge of scaling digitallyStanford Social Innovation Review. April 18, 2014.

May MA. The decidedly not flat world of data.  BRAC blog. January 28, 2014.

May MA2014: time to scale digitally.  BRAC blog. January 22, 2014.

May MA, Misiti AJ. The hidden dimensions of scale. Stanford Social Innovation Review. October 2, 2013.

Stevenson R, Sarker A, May MAFrugal map making: experiences from Korail. BRAC blog. September 1, 2013.

Saleh A, May MA.  So we've scaled up. Now what? Stanford Social Innovation Review. April 11, 2013.

May MA.  Frugal Innovation Forum, Day 2: Ambition without borders.  BRAC blog. April 2, 2013.

May MA.  Questioning the unquestionable: are innovation and scale good things? On twitter this week. BRAC blog.  March 24, 2013.

May MA.  Crowdmapping the world we want.  BRAC blog.  February 19, 2013.

May MA.  Let's make stone soup: introducing BRAC's Frugal Innovation Forum. BRAC blog. February 5, 2013.

May MAInnovation requires discipline: habits for organizational learning. Stanford Social Innovation Review.  April 12, 2012.

Subramanian V, May MAPerspective: Poverty, Health, and Forced Eviction in the Slums of Bangladesh.  CommonHealth: Reform and Reality.  April 10, 2012.

May MA.  RCTs: not all that glitters is gold.  Stanford Social Innovation Review.  August 28, 2012.

May MA Bridging Research and Organizational Practices on Continuous Innovation Stanford Social Innovation Review blog.  Feb 3, 2012. 

Books and chapters

Dakkak  M, Ahmed F, Farmer DB, May MA, Pariyo G, Phoya A, Palazuelos D (2013). Community health worker compensation models: a roundtable discussion with voices from the field. Chapter 9 in Transforming the Global Health Workforce.  Edited by DeLuca MA, Soucat A. New York University.

**Islam MI, May MA, Ahmed F, Cash RA, Ahmed J (2011).  Making Tuberculosis History:Community-based Solutions for Millions. University Press, Ltd.

**Islam A, May MA (2010).  Decentralized Management in the Expansion of BRAC’s Rural Tuberculosis Program.  Chapter 13 in From One to Many: Scaling Up Health Programs.  Edited by Cash RA, Chowdhury AMR, Smith GB, and Ahmed F.  University Press, Ltd.


May MA, Pereira F, Singh A (2016). Tackling "wicked" rights and justice issues. Stanford Social Innovation Review.

May MA, Misiti AJ, Hussain I, Saleh A, (2014). What does it take to scale social impact in South Asia? Doing while Learning series. BRAC. November.

Abdallah W, Hussain I, May MA (2014)Doing while Learning project action research report: reflections from a practitioner-centred of development evaluation.  Doing while Learning series. BRAC. November.

May MA (2014). Making education attainable for all: why Bangladesh needs low-cost private schools. Wise Initiative Edudebate.  April.

Misiti A, Banik P, Hasan K, Zafar A, May M (2013). Innovating for the Poor. Ashoka Fellow Connect Magazine. October. 6-8.

Cash RA, Halder SR,  Husain M, Islam MS, Mallick FH, May MA, Rahman M, Rahman MA (2013). Reducing the health effect of natural hazards in Bangladesh. Lancet. 382; 2094-2103.

Hirschhorn LR, Talbot JR, Irwin AC, May MA, Dhavan N, Shady R, Ellner AL, Weintraub RL (2013). From scaling up to sustainability in HIV: potential lessons for moving forward

Case Studies

Rahman T, Misiti AJ, May MA (2014).  Tackling property rights in Bangladesh: building a grassroots coalition of social entrepreneursDoing while Learning series, BRAC.

Hussain I, May MA (2014). Mobilizing communities for empowerment: creating the preconditions for scale. Doing while Learning series, BRAC.

Misiti AJ, May MA (2014). Transforming communities: scaling a socially inclusive model. Doing while Learning series, BRAC.

Misiti AJ, May MA (2014). A network approach to scaling social mobilisation in Pakistan. Doing while Learning series, BRAC.

Hussain I, May MA (2014).  How Nidan organised street vendors to demand legitimacy in IndiaDoing while Learning series, BRAC.

Hussain I, May MA (2014).  The Access to Information Programme: transforming public service delivery in BangladeshDoing while Learning  series, BRAC.

Misiti AJ, May MA (2013).  BRAC Educational Support ProgramDoing while Learning series, BRAC.

Rahman T, May MA (2013).  The Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN).  Doing while Learning series, BRAC.

Misiti AJ, 
May MA (2013). Tackling extreme poverty globallyDoing while Learning series, BRAC.

Hussain I, May MA
 (2013). A community-based approach to urban developmentDoing while Learning series, BRAC.

May MA, Rhatigan JR, Cash RA (2011).  BRAC’s Tuberculosis Program: pioneering DOT treatment for TB in rural Bangladesh and Tuberculosis in Dhaka: BRAC’s Urban Program (2 case series). Harvard Business School Press. 

Cole C, May MA, Talbot J, Weintraub R, Porter ME (2011). The Avahan AIDS Initiative: Managing Targeted HIV Prevention at Scale. Harvard Business School Press.  

Mukherjee JS, Jerome JG, Sullivan E, May MA, Mayfield A, Lambert W, Dhavan N, Carney N, Rhatigan J, Ivers LC (2009).  Rwanda: impact of global health initiatives on the health system: a mixed methods analysis.   Interactions between global health initiatives and health systems: evidence from countries.  The Maximizing Positive Synergies Academic Consortium.

Chessia MA, May MA, Sullivan E, Rhatigan JR (2009).  The Center for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia. President & Fellows of Harvard College: Global Health Delivery Project Teaching Case.

Frasier H, May MA, & Wanchoo R (2008).  E-Health Rwanda Case Study.  The Rockefeller Foundation.  Commissioned for “Making the e-Health connection.” Bellagio, Italy: July 13-18.


Podcast on Business Fights Poverty website.  March 8, 2015.

Introduction to the Doing while Learning project 2014

Start Up Dhaka 2013

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